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Friday, 11 March 2016

On My Happy List #06

Only when I sat down to write this post did I realise that the last time I wrote a happy list was back in April, so it's definitely time I write another! I've got a ton of essay deadlines at the moment which is feeling a little overwhelming and I find it helpful when I've got a lot going on to take time to step back for a bit and appreciate what's making me happy despite the multitude of things I feel I have to get done.

I also a few weeks ago listened to the Jess Lively podcast with Alisa Vitti on pleasure, and the difference trying to make everything you do contain a tiny bit more pleasure can make. When listening to the podcast I found myself nodding along throughout as Alisa spoke about how much nicer we can make even the most arduous tasks if we take the time to do something that can make them a little more enjoyable. In my own life since listening to the podcast I've been trying to cultivate this and whether it's listening to a great podcast to concentrate on while I do the washing up or making myself a cup of tea and having a bowl of fresh fruit while I do some history reading, it's making those tasks that bit easier. Definitely an episode to listen to if you're interested!

Anyway, onto what's been making me happy amid all the assignments I have at the moment...

1 // Podcasts - I can't remember exactly when I first started listening to podcasts but I think it was less than a year ago for sure. All I can tell you is that I am a complete convert. Like I said, whenever I'm washing up, doing tasks where I don't have to think or walking somewhere on my own, podcasts are my favourite thing. I love listening to music too but sometimes I'm in the mood to listen to something informative and some of the podcasts I listen to are so interesting - they're great if you want to zone out but zone in to something else that will hold your attention if that makes sense. I'm going to dedicate a post to all the ones I listen to and love in a post sometime soon but I'll mention here BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour, Filler and Dear Hank & John as the ones I'm enjoying the most right now.

2 // Yoga - I'm a recent convert to yoga and, having been subscribed to Yoga with Adriene for over a year, finally found the motivation to start watching her videos and trying yoga with her thirty days of yoga camp that started in the new year. It seems like everyone and their dog has been raving about Adriene and her channel and it's for good reason. Her videos are great and I can't tell you how relaxing I'm finding it to dedicate some time to yoga whenever I can. I've got three episodes left in the thirty days camp and am so grateful I started making time for it. It's true what they say - yoga is incredible for both the body and mind.

3 // Little treats - Since I've been feeling a little down and like my life is pretty monotonous lately I've tried to make the effort to treat myself a bit more (as I think we all should do!). For some reason I again decided this year to give up chocolate for Lent so heartbreakingly that's not been an option. It's probably a good thing because instead I've been spending my student loan on fresh fruit snacks of strawberries and raspberries which make essay planning a slightly less wearing task... although only slightly because not even my favourite fruit can make essay planning fun.

4 // Reading a really great book - I'm currently reading The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan which is a book of short stories and essays written by Yale graduate Keegan before she was sadly killed in a car accident. I've read mixed reviews of this book but I personally am enjoying it more than I think I've ever enjoyed or been gripped by short stories. In my opinion she writes captivatingly and I'm really glad I picked this up. There's nothing like a good book to get lost in to cheer me up.

5 // Discovering new tv series - After reading Laura's fabulous post about the Netflix original series 'Love' I quickly opened up Netflix and gave the first episode a watch. I can see exactly what Laura's talking about, while it can be frustrating at times to watch, it's a series that feels very real and current, unlike anything that I've watched in a very long time. I also of course can't talk about new tv series without talking about the release of the new series of House of Cards which I am essentially devouring in the moments I can spare between writing essays. Netflix series make for an excellent escape from your to do list, don't you find?

That's all from me today, happy Friday everyone and I hope you have a great weekend. Let me know what's on your happy list at the moment if you fancy it!

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