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Friday, 15 January 2016

Where I Want to Travel in the Next Five Years

While I've said that this year I'm not going to set specific goals, and instead am just forcusing on one mantra, I think that January is a time when we unavoidably look to the future. And, in doing so, I've been thinking a lot recently about how much I'd love to travel and to see some particular places.

Whenever I manage to save a substantial amount of money (albeit it probably not much in most people's books, student budget and all) my mind doesn't go to clothes, make up or music first. Those are definitely things I love to spend money on but, I've found that really, all I can think of doing with that money is going somewhere on holiday.

There's nothing like exploring somewhere new with the people you love in my eyes and so, to give myself a bit of a kick up the bum to start saving properly more than anything else, I thought I'd compile a list of places I'm going to aim to visit in the next five years. Five years doesn't seem too daunting and is probably something that I could budget for, if I'm careful about it!

1 // New Zealand - My sister moved to the south island of New Zealand six or seven years ago now and has since got married and started a family there so of course I want to go and visit as soon as I have the time and money to do it properly. New Zealand also looks absolutely breathtaking and I've never heard of someone going and not loving it so I'm sure that it would be amazing.

2 // New York - Going to New York in the Winter is something that I've dreamed about for years. It may be partly fuelled by my Gossip Girl obsession, it's true, but it looks incredible and I'd love to spend a good two weeks *at least* exploring all the different parts of it and finding out what New York life is really like. I'd even love to maybe work there for a few months some day, that would truly be the dream.

3 // Rome - Anyone who knows me well knows that I am completely infatuated with anything Italian and all I really want to do is travel all over Italy until I've satisfied my cravings for Italian food, architecture and culture... if that's even possible. Rome is a pretty obvious destination with that in mind and I just feel like it's somewhere I really need to go to begin my exploration of Italy properly, let's hope it happens soon.

4 // Venice - Is picking two places in the same country cheating? I'm going to go with no because I feel just as strongly about visiting Venice if not more than I do about visiting Rome. Venice seems like such a romantic city and I would just love to go on a gondola ride and get to know it for a week or two, it sounds and looks like paradise to me.

5 // Morocco - There's something about Marrakesh that I'm really drawn to. Maybe it's what I've heard about the markets, the food, the culture, I don't know. All of those things play a part for sure and it does look incredible. It's not too far to go and I'm sure it would make for a wonderful holiday, so there aren't any excuses really are there?

Five places in five years. That seems doable. Let's see if I can make it happen!

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