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Monday, 28 December 2015

On A Year In Review // What I Watched in 2015

Can you believe we're into the last three days of 2015?! I honestly can't get over how quickly this year has gone. And I know I say that *every* year but they seem to be going faster and faster with no sign of slowing down. As always, the thought of a new year has me thinking about the year that's just (nearly) gone and so I thought it might be nice to do a little round up in three installments of what 2015 held for me before 2016 hits us.

Round one is a look back at the films I watched for this first time this year. It really is shocking how few of the films you're just meant to have seen I've somehow managed to miss. I've never seen Star Wars or Lord of the Rings or many other films I know it's considered crazy to not have seen.. I know, I know... please don't hate me! But this year I made a real effort to try and watch some films I hadn't seen before, mainly to try and counteract me rewatching the same films/series again and again and again. And you know what? I discovered some really great films so here's what I watched in 2015 ::

1 // The Theory of Everything - I was absolutely blown away by this film, so much so that I wrote a post specifically dedicated to it, which you can read here should you be interested!

2 // Quartet - From what I remember of this film it was a bit of a let down which was a shame but still light-hearted and fun.

3 // Pocahontas - You'll start to see a bit of a theme of Disney movies I watched this year that I really should have seen years ago but never did for some reason or another. I liked Pocahontas a lot actually, although it doesn't compare to the Little Mermaid which was my favourite Disney movie as a child!

4 // Pitch Perfect 2 - I adored this!

5 // Hercules - Another Disney movie I'd somehow missed!

6 // Clueless - Yep, seriously. I'd not seen Clueless before 2015. Shocking, I know.

7 // The Back Up Plan - This was such a great romcom.

8 // Spy - This was *hilarious*.

9 // The Breakfast Club - I absolutely loved this film and am so glad I finally watched it this summer. 

10 // Inside Out - Everyone needs to see this film, no matter what age you are just go and watch it if you get the chance; such a great film.

11 // The Bounty Hunter - Another good romcom movie.

12 // Chocolat - Watched this with my sister because she couldn't believe I hadn't seen it, I'd read the book a few years ago and actually thought the film lived up to it.

13 // Four Weddings & A Funeral - Again watched with my sister, again because it was an abomination that I hadn't seen it! I was a bit underwhelmed by this though, Hugh Grant films are usually my weakness but for some reason I just didn't get this one.

14 // Paper Towns - I love John Green, I loved the Paper Towns book and I loved this film. Highly recommend.

15 // What If? - Better than any other romcom I watched this year, in fact I'd say it's one of my favourite films that I saw in 2015. Go watch for sure!

16 // Suffragette - This and The Theory of Everything were hands down the best films I saw this year. The acting in Suffragette was impeccable and the story so so important. Please watch this if you haven't already.

17 // Mockingjay Part 1 - I needed to see this before part 2 came out in the cinema and it didn't let me down. The films are nothing compared to the books but I do think that they've got better and better.

18 // Mockingjay Part 2 - Again, not the same as reading the books for the first time when I was fourteen but I love Jennifer Lawrence and it was great to see The Hunger Games played out on screen.

19 // Love, Rosie - Another great romcom, (I'm not even ashamed of how much I love romcoms) this one left me sobbing and I'm not quite sure why. It's on Netflix... you've got no excuse not to watch it!

20 // Cool Runnings - Yet another Disney film I hadn't seen. Watched this the other weekend with my niece and nephews, it's very funny and great for kids.

21 // Pinocchio - Read the above. Don't know how I hadn't seen this! But I watched it on Boxing Day with my Mum and really enjoyed it.

It's actually been so fun to write down the movies I've watched this year and then look back at them now, I think I'm definitely going to do it again next year. Let me know if you've seen any of these and what you thought if you have, I'll be back on Wednesday to look back on what I read in 2015!

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