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Sunday, 10 May 2015

On An Evening With Carrie Hope Fletcher

Hello everyone! The past few weeks have been have been mad mad mad, as the ones before them were too... it's just a crazy time of year but thankfully all my mocks are over and in just over a month all my A Level exams will be over (let's pretend that's not true to ease my self-induced panic attack at the mention of that though!) so hopefully normal blogging will resume very soon.

I just wanted to write about what a fabulous evening I had on Thursday night. I'm sure I've written about her before, but I absolutely adore Carrie Hope Fletcher (check out her channel here if you haven't already!). I've been watching her videos for well over a year now and am always left so in awe of how lovely and incredible she is. This is a lady who balances performing in a west end show eight times a week, making youtube videos for her 500,000 subscribers, most of which are young teenage girls, that often leave me inspired to change the way I think, and on top of it all, she's written a book, All I Know Now. It's safe to say that she's one of the most inspiring people I've come across and so, Rosie and I, being the fangirls that we are, snapped up tickets as soon as they were released for her book tour. It's safe to say we had a wonderful time.

I met Rosie in Picadilly and we headed off for a drink at Cafe Nero before going for dinner at Pizza Express. It was so lovely to catch up with Ro and talk about anything and everything that's been going on over the past month or so since we last saw each other. I know I've probably said it before but I'll say it again, it's so amazing to have friendships like this, where no matter how long you go without seeing each other, when you see them again it's like you've never been apart and you'll laugh until your tummies hurt in each other's company. This is something that really makes my heart happy I have to say. Anyway, after dinner and with Rosie barely being able to contain her excitement (not that I was much better) we found our way to Waterstone's for the event and went down to the lower ground floor where it was being held.

Loads of people were already there and we went to pick up copies of All I Know Now for ourselves before waiting for Carrie to arrive. There were even beautiful All I Know Now cakes just for the event. As soon as she arrived the room burst into applause and everyone seemed to be in awe that Carrie was really in the room, myself included. She was visibly nervous as she sat down and in the first few minutes which just made her even more likable (if that's even possible!) as she really is the most genuine person you'll meet. Benjamin Cook started by asking Carrie some questions and she then read out an extract from the book which was both a hilarious story and yet had such a powerful message; which really sums up Carrie, from the impression I have of her. This followed questions from the audience and a performance of two songs which Carrie asked us to sing along to.

After this we all went over and queued to meet Carrie and have our books signed. I was honestly quite nervous at this point as it's always a bit of an odd experience to meet someone famous/who has a following like this who you kind of feel like you know because of how open they are but at the same time you don't actually know! Speaking of which, I really loved that Carrie spoke about how open a lot of people consider to be as she's shared so much of her life, but at the same time, she made it clear that there really is a line and things that she will hold back. It seems that her outlook is, if me sharing this is going to help someone, then why wouldn't I do it? And I think I really relate to that. Especially in this little space of mine. Of course I won't tell you everything, but I think it's good to share. Not necessarily on the internet if that's not your thing but definitely with someone or in some way. Carrie pointed out how important it is to be honest instead of keeping things in, and that's something I wholeheartedly believe in. Anyway, sorry for the little unexpected tangent then... where was I?

Ah yes, the moments before I met Carrie. I needn't have worried because, although Rosie and I only had about a minute with her, she was so lovely and friendly and we had a little conversation while she signed our books and took a photo with us. And then it was over. And Rosie and I got on the tube before heading our separate ways to get home, both of us thinking about what a wonderful evening it had been. I'll share some photos from the night below but before I do, I'd just like to urge you all, whoever you are, whatever age you are, to pick up Carrie's book because, although I haven't read it all yet myself, from what I've seen of Carrie and from excerpts I've heard from the book, it's really going to teach me so much - here's a video of her reading the first chapter if you're interested. Thank you Carrie for such a wonderful evening and for being courageous enough to share your stories and experiences so that others can learn from them and know they're not alone; to me that's such an honourable thing.

I hope you've all had relaxing weekends and I'll hopefully be back soon, I'll leave you with the photos from the night!xoxo


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