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Monday, 6 April 2015

On My Happy List #05

This past week has been mad, and not in the best way unfortunately. Revision has well and truly taken over which always brings me down a little - spending days inside looking out the window at the sun longingly don't do much good for the soul as I'm sure you can imagine! What's more, at the end of such days I'm absolutely knackered and don't have the energy to type away on here; I'm afraid blog posts may be few and far between in the next couple of months as my A Levels become increasingly in grasping distance. I apologise in advance for that! Anyway, I thought what with me feeling a bit gloomy the best thing for it would be to crack in some positivity in the form of a happy list...

1. Being able to eat chocolate and making Easter treats! After forty days of dodging chocolate and having to resort to biscuits which, let's face it, just don't hit the spot when you've got a chocolate craving, I was more than ready for chocolate yesterday morning. I made the Easter nest cupcakes above for the occasion and those as well as Easter eggs made me a very happy girl. I've now got a little stash of chocolate for whenever I get a craving... I'm thinking the stash won't last all that long!

2. Herbal tea-drinking. As I mentioned recently, I've been really getting into drinking herb teas. While I'll always be a English Breakfast Tea girl at heart, herb teas are nice to interweave into my tea-drinking habits (yes, I actually have tea-drinking habits!). I started today with a green tea, had a peppermint tea at Starbucks after my morning run, an English Breakfast mid-afternoon, and will be having a cup of camomile and spiced apple before I hit the hay tonight. A cup of tea really does make things a little better, and it turns out, herb teas do too. 

3. Watching new (to me) Disney films. On Saturday evening, after a long day of what seemed like never-ending revision, I watched Pocahontas for the first time. I know, how had I gotten away with not seeing it until now?! Who knows.. I'm really terrible at watching all the films everyone's supposed to have seen... let's not talk about Star Wars and James Bond films. Anyway, I absolutely adore Disney films and, although Pocahontas wasn't the best one I've ever seen, I really enjoyed it. It was a beautiful story and I loved the songs; just a classic Disney film that brightened up my Saturday no end. 

4. Getting back into exercise (kind of). This is one of the very limited pros of exam time: it gives me time to run. By this time of year, the mornings and evenings are lighter and I don't have school to take up the middle of the day (I've got four more weeks after the Easter holidays and then I'm on study leave, eep!), meaning I can actually find the time to go on runs. I'm not going to lie to you, I'm a little rusty, but the main thing is that I'm doing it. They may not be the longest or fastest runs, but as This Girl Can pointed out, I'm lapping the people on the sofa and that's all that matters! Speaking of which, isn't This Girl Can such a great campaign?! 

5. Making delicious lunches. Another positive of exam time! I can take the time to make myself a healthy (mostly) and delicious (always) lunch and getting a good lunch definitely helps revision so isn't procrastinating at all, right? ;) Anyway, having been inspired by Rosie's recent post, today I made smashed avocado with lemon, salt and chilli on toast with a poached egg. It was even better than it sounds, if that's possible. Best. lunch. ever. I'll definitely be making it again soon.

What about you? What's been making you happy lately?

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