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Saturday, 21 February 2015

On My 18th Birthday

This week has been so very busy and manic in the best possible way. It's odd because I find that I go through phases all the time. Phases of wanting to crawl into my shell and spend time at home with no plans other than to watch tv/films with Harry or my Mum. And other phases of loving being out and having lots of plans to do really exciting things. This week I've been in one of the latter phases and although it's calmed down this weekend which is being filled with a revision and very much unwanted cold, I think it really be a week I'll hold dearly in my memory forever. (I know, I know, pass me the sick bucket!)

On Wednesday it was my 18th birthday. 18th birthdays have a well-known reputation of being a big deal. Reaching it means you can have a legal drink, vote in elections, and be classed as a real live adult. Now I'm not sure about being a real live adult, but the other two are pretty exciting in my opinion. Don't ask me why but I was a little nervous in the lead up to my birthday. I suppose it's because I really wanted it to be a 'good' day; one that I'll have fond memories of and look back on in my 80s telling the grandkids about - that kind of day. But I didn't want to expect too much because sometimes I find that expectations can outweigh the actual experience.

I needn't have worried though, Wednesday was such a wonderful day I can't even tell you. What I will say is that I feel incredibly lucky to have such amazing family and friends, and that I was spoilt absolutely rotten! I won't go on too much because this blooming cold is making me sleepy and I want to get in an episode of Sherlock before I get to bed (yes, I know I'm incredibly late to jump on the bandwagon but at least I'm finally on it...) so for once I'll let the pictures do the talking. Before I go, I must say that it was a day filled with laughter, incredible food, Articulate, a drink at the OXO Tower Bar and reminders that the best things in life really aren't things at all. I hope you're all having a fab weekend!


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