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Thursday, 18 December 2014

On Secret Santa

Isn't secret santa such a lovely tradition?! I know I've  probably gone on about traditions far too much for anyone's liking recently, but, for me, the lead up to Christmas and Christmas itself is a time for old and new traditions to take place and, being the creature of habit that I am, that makes me very happy.

The tradition of secret santa is no exception and so, with the prospect of a double secret santa in one day on the cards, yesterday was a wonderfully festive day. Once we finished for the holidays at lunchtime, all of us girls got changed and hopped on the bus to Bar Estilo. Having tapas at Bar Estilo with the girls has become a bit of a tradition in itself so it was no surprise that we headed there to celebrate the holidays finally having arrived.

Once we'd ordered enough tapas to leave us so full we would hardly be able to move, we finally got to open our secret santa presents. It was so sweet to watch everyone open their presents and mine from Emma was great. Half of the presents pictured are from Emma, half from my friend Lucy. Emma got me the chocolate Father Christmas, the gorgeous rings, the not so gorgeous framed photo of myself, and some washing up gloves - a long running joke the group have because I'm always so reluctant to wash up! It was such a nice present, especially considering when I found out that it was Emma who had me I was very worried about what she might get me as I know the lengths she could go to to make fun of me!

I couldn't avoid not moving after tapas in the end as I had to catch the train to go and see Rosie, Hannah, and Lucy and do our secret santa. Rosie picked me up from the station in her car having just passed her test (side note: I'm incredibly jealous and wish I could afford a car too!), and we met Lucy and Hannah in Costa for a hot chocolate and to catch up while opening our secret santa presents. It's still odd for me to not see these three everyday like I used to so time spent with them is really precious.

Lucy had me and got me such a perfect present. She bought me the Accessorize hairbands that don't tangle in your hair; ideal for me as I'm forever getting hairbands tangled in my long hair, some lovely printed photos from the past few years, and her new favourite book, The Night Circus. That girl always hits the nail on the head with me, I really loved my present from her and can't wait to start The Night Circus!

So that was my day yesterday, I wholeheartedly recommend doing secret santa, especially if you can do two in one day, to get you in the Christmas mood and to have a lovely time with your nearest and dearest.


  1. Secret Santa is a great tradition! Hope you enjoy the Night Circus, i really enjoyed it too :)

    The Awkward Blog

    1. It really is :) Can't wait to read it!xo


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