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Sunday, 16 November 2014

On Winter Mornings

Life's been a little hectic, of late. Isn't it always around this time of year though? Things are a bit difficult at the moment and while I said in my last post that I felt I was growing, I now feel as though I lost sight of myself and who I want to be a little, but I'm hoping to put that right.

I decided to let myself have a slow morning today and really take things in before starting some revision for a test, and it was really lovely to potter around and clear my head a bit. I woke up, read for a while in bed (the best way to start the day, fyi) and, when I felt ready to, I got out of bed and made myself my favourite porridge, as pictured. 

Everyone seems to have different ideas for what makes the yummiest porridge and, for me, it has to be with pear compote, bananas and some runny honey drizzled over the top - the perfect thing to lure me out of bed in the morning and warm me up. 

Feeling warmed up and energised, I thought I'd go for a quick run while I had the opportunity to and stopped to take a quick photo of these beautiful trees. Now, I've never been one to really appreciate nature (a streak I inherited from my Mum), but there's something about seeing how the leaves have changed on a crisp, winter morning, that just made me stop in my tracks so I could get a photo of it. 

Here's to slow, peaceful mornings that make the rest of the day spent working just that bit easier.

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