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Monday, 3 November 2014

On Halloween

I don't usually do much for Halloween - I remember dressing up once with my Dad one year when I was little and carving pumpkins but apart from that we've never really made a huge deal out of it and I've usually stayed in. This year, however, my friend Alex had a little gathering, and it turned out to be a really nice evening.

As you can see, I dressed up as a cat which, admittedly, didn't involve an abundance of effort but was a really fun thing to dress up as and is, of course, a classic Halloween look. The night was spent playing a few drinking games, dancing and singing to some classics, and trying to avoid (and failing miserably) hitting a wooden pole when swinging myself on Alex's swing. All in all, a fab night with some lovelies. I'm definitely up for doing it all again, or something similar, next Halloween!

It was also so nice to catch up with Rosie and Hannah and spend a couple of nights with them talking about the future and everything else that's been on our minds/happening in our lives. Those girls really do make my heart happy and they're really something special when it comes to being my best friends. 

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