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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

On My Happy List

Over the past couple of days I've developed quite a nasty sore throat which has left me feeling a little down in the dumps and overly sorry for myself. It's needless to say that a pyjama day was inevitable and, while it's been nice to stay curled up in bed with cups of tea and movies like Ferris Bueller's Day Off to keep me company today, I thought I'd better wake myself up a little and think about the things that are making me happy right now. So without further ado...

1. Looking through old photographs and reminiscing. The one below is with my lovely Hannah on holiday in Wales last year. It was the most wonderful week and looking back through the photos has made me long to relive it all over again.

2. Hundreds and hundreds of cups of tea. I've probably said this before but I'll say it again: nothing can make things seem a little brighter than a cup of tea (and preferably a slice of cake). It's the answer to all life's problems, or at least part of the solution, and has been lifting my mood through this ghastly sore throat.

3. Harry. Sorry to be a complete sop but he's been so great over the past weekend and we had such a nice day together on Sunday watching a film, - The Book Thief, which I thought wasn't as good as the book but was a fab watch nevertheless -  baking, eating a delicious roast dinner, and watching his friends' band play at the local pub. Perfect. 

4. Taylor Swift's new album, 1989. I actually went out to get this on Monday when it came out (I've accepted that I'm a dedicated fangirl) and haven't stopped listening to it since. It's very different to her old stuff but I actually like that, she's such a diverse artist and I maintain that whatever mood you're in, there's a Taylor Swift song for it - if that doesn't say great artist what does?!

5. Having plans to catch up with my favourite people. The next couple of days should be great, I'm staying at my Rosie's tomorrow and catching up with my girls before going to see Harry's friends' band play again at a different pub and the next day Rosie and Hannah are staying at mine and we're going to a Halloween party in the evening. Let's hope this sore throat clears off sharpish!

There we go then. Five things that are making me happy and a little less mope-y at the moment. They're such fun lists to put together so I have a feeling they'll be a few more soon!

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