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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

On A Weekend In Exeter

Oddly this is the only photo I took from the weekend, was much too busy taking everything in, but it did make me giggle as Mum and I walked past!

On Friday evening Mum and I met at Paddington station, hopped on a train and headed for Exeter. I had booked to go to the Exeter University open day and we decided to go down the night before as we didn't quite fancy catching a 2:30 hour train to arrive at 9am on the Saturday!

I stupidly didn't take any photos of anything but I was just enjoying some quality time with Mum.We stayed in The Rougemont Hotel, which had a lovely room but was pretty pricey for what it was and considering that breakfast wasn't included.

Once we'd arrived we went for a little wander around the town to get our bearings and have a little look at everything. Having never been to Exeter, I took an almost immediate liking to it, but we soon went back to the hotel to catch some much-needed zzz's.

The next morning Mum and I went for breakfast at Bill's, which was delicious as always. We then walked up to the Exeter University campus, which was a good half an hour walk - perfect after a big breakfast!

We spent the open day going to subject talks, having tours and I even bumped into one of my friends from my old school, so it was really lovely to catch up with him. I suppose it isn't the strangest of places to bump into someone being my age and looking at a university, but it felt crazy to see someone in Exeter when you're both based in London/Surrey!

Later on, I met up with the lovely Lucy, who also went to the open day that day. It was fab to chat with her and catch up on everything with an ice cream in the sun. After catching up, I went and found Mum who had been wandering around talking to subject lecturers, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she applied herself she loved it so much.

Before we caught the train back to London we had a bit of time for some shopping but before we knew it we were back in London. It was such a nice couple of days, if not also incredibly tiring, and has given me a lot of clarity about universities and where I think I might like to go! 

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