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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

On A Trip To West Yorkshire

I got back from staying at my sister's this afternoon and, boy, did I have a lovely time. This may sound odd but as I'm slowly getting older and older, family is becoming more and more important to me, and I feel so very lucky to have these munchkins as a part of mine. I go up to Cait's almost every Christmas and over the past couple of years have gone up on my own in the summer and sometimes at Easter. Harry came with me last year and wanted to come again this year - much to mine and Cait's surprise as he spends the majority of the time with my little niece and nephews running at/climbing on/sneezing over him!

As I mentioned in my last post, our train on Saturday morning was stupidly early and so we were exhausted by that evening; Harry was so tired that he didn't come out with us in the afternoon and decided to have a lie down instead, which was probably the safest option after spending the morning playing football with Alfie. While the boys had been playing footie, which Elena and I got bored of pretty quickly, we made chocolate cakes. They were delicious and I'll have to get the recipe from Cait because I'd love to make them again and share them on here too. We went out to the Huddersfield Food Festival while Harry had a lie down. It was great fun and I had a delicious homemade oreo ice cream.

The next day it was tipping it down so we went swimming at Barnsley Metrodome which is a perfect swimming pool for kids with a range of slides, a wave machine and two pools. We also spent a lot of time going to the park and having come back from it on Monday, decided to have an indoor picnic. It was actually my Dad's birthday on that day so, as he was in France, we thought it would be a great idea to stick a candle on one of the cakes we'd decorated, stick a picture of him in the middle and have the picnic in his name.. we're a normal family, promise!

It was a lovely few days away and it's always so nice for me to get to spend a bit more time with my family and get to know the kids more and more as they grow, which they're doing far too quickly for my liking! It's also nice to be home now though and I'm hoping to relax over the next few days after working last week and going up to Yorkshire straight after.

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