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Saturday, 2 August 2014

On A Holiday In Romania:: Busteni, Brasov, Sighisoara & Bran

Peles castle
The view from Bran castle - (so-called Dracula's castle)
The narrowest street in Romania
Supposedly Prince Charles' house in Viscri

Our few days in the mountains of Romania were lovely. Honestly, I preferred being in Bucharest with my friends and relaxing and it felt a little weird to be playing the tourist in a country that I've been coming to since I was a baby, although I don't actually know enough about Romania if I'm being completely honest. But it was nevertheless nice to be in the cooler mountains, to see new places and to show Harry a different side to Romania.

The castle in the first two pictures is Peles which is in Sinaia near Busteni, and was the summer home to Romania's King in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. We had a tour of it which I really enjoyed, it's such a stunning place on both the inside and the outside and truly impressive for when it was built; it had fully-functioning heating, lifts and hot water as well as many other impressive features. It was a real surprise for me as, although I love history, I've never been all that interested in castles so brushed off the tour as something that wouldn't interest me much but I was pleasantly surprised in that it was my favourite part of our time in the mountains.

That same day we visited Bran in Transylvania which is famous for being the home to 'Dracula's castle'. It never was home to Dracula of course although it is an impressive castle that is great to visit and while my Mum and her friends visited some old friends who live in Bran, Harry and I went to visit it. In Sighisoara Harry and I had our portrait drawn, which I don't actually have a picture of as he kept it, but it was strange to look at a drawing that looked in some ways so like us but at the same time just wasn't us, if that makes any sense!

All in all, our road trip to the mountains consisted of:

  • seeing a bear - Mum was absolutely shocked but it was late at night and we shouldn't really have been walking, although it wasn't interested in us in the slightest and we got inside quickly.
  • looooots of driving in a car full of people with no air conditioning - not fun. not fun at all!
  • also lots of eating - as is to be/should be expected.
  • visiting the village in which Prince Charles has bought houses - apparently he loves Romania, he's been visiting it quite a lot recently.
  • playing lots of wist - I think it's Harry's new favourite card game.
  • listening to Queen's greatest hits on repeat - it's a classic and good music is an essential for a road trip.

They were a great few days but I was happy to get back to Bucharest after seven hours of driving in the heat on the last day! And that's the end of my write-up of Romania. It was a really lovely holiday and so nice to catch up with so many people and eat such great food (do you think I've mentioned the food enough?? ;))

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