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Friday, 27 June 2014

On Baking #01

Since baking more was one of my 2014 goals and it's been difficult to find time to keep this up in the past few months, I thought I'd document my baking adventures right here (makes it sound much more exciting than I'm sure it will actually be!). 

Today I got home a lot earlier than I usually do so decided I no longer had an excuse to not get back into baking. I've also had my heart set on trying Rosie's strawberry yoghurt cake with lemon glaze ever since reading her post on it. 

As the recipe is Rosie's, I just thought I'd show you the stages of making this cake through my pictures!

They're ever so easy to make and absolutely delicious - perfect for summer days with loved ones and a cup of tea or three. It's safe to say my family approve too, and I'm sure I'll end up taking some to Harry's tomorrow to share with his family. If you want the recipe to try it yourself, take a look at Rosie's blog, which is full of many other fantastic recipes that I'm sure I'll be trying in the future... happy baking!



  1. Oh wow, that's looks pretty good. Rosie always has lovely recipes!

    1. They were super delicious! She does, doesn't she, it's been so lovely to try one out xx


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