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Monday, 24 February 2014

On Qualities

I think in recent times it's become the norm to put ourselves down, compare ourselves to others and be afraid to give ourselves compliments. Of course, this leads to us feeling pretty crappy about ourselves at times. At least, I know that happens to me. So this list is a great way for me to remind myself that among the flaws that we all inevitably possess, I do have qualities.  

1. I can be funny. 
2. I'm hard-working.
3. I'm organised.
4. I listen and when I listen, I truly care about what the other person is going through.
5. I try my hardest to be there whenever anyone needs me. 
6. If I set myself a goal, I'll do all I can to achieve it.
7. I write the people I love letters (mostly on their birthdays) to remind them how wonderful they are.
8. I can make pretty damn good chocolate brownies, if I do say so myself!

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