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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

On My Half-Term Roundup

Half term came and left much too quickly as it always seems to. February half term is always a favourite of mine because, as mentioned a million times, my birthday almost always falls within it. In recent years, it also marks the last 'proper' holiday I get until the summer when exams are over, which is why it's become so depressing returning to school following it. 

This half term was a really great one, so I thought I'd type up a roundup of what I got up to, just to depress myself even more now that I'm back at sixth form!

Day 01. I'm going to count this as the Friday we broke up because that was Valentine's day so after school I cooked Harry dinner and we went to see Her, which I wrote about here

Day 02. I had been determined to get all my homework done on the first day of the holidays, in the hope that I could spend the rest of the holidays properly relaxing instead of preoccupying myself with the knowledge that I would have to get it done. So amazingly, I actually managed to do just that. I stayed at my desk working from about 11am to 8pm (with breaks for lunch and dinner). It's safe to say I collapsed in front of the tv at the end of it, but it was so worth it. 

Day 03. With the same mentality in my mind (honestly, I was so proud of myself, how sad is that?!), I knew that I needed to get my Extended Project Qualification done in the holiday, you can read about what that is here if you're interested. It's basically a mini dissertation of 6,000 words on a topic of your choice with structured guidelines. I chose to do mine on the topic of euthanasia and what the impact would be of making it legal in the UK. Similarly to Saturday, I barely left my desk on Sunday to get this done following all the research I had carried out. I can't tell you what a wave of relief I felt when I finished typing it. 

Day 04. Ah, Monday. The first day where I officially didn't have to do any work. I set aside this day just to have some 'me' time, something I often don't have enough time to do. I went shopping to find something to wear for my birthday and settled on a dress from Topshop. After catching up on a lot of tv I went out for my first driving lesson in the evening (on a private road as my birthday wasn't until the next day). I was so nervous before starting but I actually really enjoyed myself and was so happy to have finally started to learn.

Day 05. MY BIRTHDAY!! I started off the day with another driving lesson, practicing left turns and changing gears. I wrote a post entirely dedicated to this day so if you missed that you can read about it here.

Day 06. I relished my lie-in and, once I'd got ready, hopped on the train to Harry's. It was his friend Tom's birthday so Harry had him and a few friends round and we ordered pizza, talked and watched tv. They left and Harry and I watched a bit of the Brits and, being the elderly couple that we are, had an early night!

Day 07. We started the day with a bacon and melted cheese sandwich, I've got to admit, Harry makes pretty damn good bacon sandwiches. Deciding that we didn't want to move for the majority of the rest of the day (lazy, us?!), we stuck on The Aviator. I really enjoyed it, actually. However, I did think that three hours was a bit excessive, the film didn't really need that, in my opinion, and could have been cut down a bit. We then finally went out to dogsit for Harry's cousin. She has a puppy French Bulldog called Peppa and another lovely dog called Dexter. They were very cute and it was fun looking after them. When we got back to Harry's we were shattered so we had a quick hot chocolate and slice of leftover banana birthday cake and went off to bed. 

Day 08. Harry's alarm woke us up, which was not a nice start to the day, because we had to dogsit again for the morning. The dogs made up for it though, very, very cute. I then came home and relaxed a while, catching up on tv and with my family.

Day 09. Saturday. The depressing moment when you realise the holidays are almost over arrives on this day. But I ignored it and headed into London to meet with my Mum's best friend Thea and her five month old baby. It was so great to catch up with them, I never feel like I get to see them enough. I then went back to Harry's because his Uncle and Aunty were coming round for dinner. It was a hilarious night including dinner, Jenga, and Pass The Bomb playing. 

Day 10. We had a massive breakfast at Harry's house, watched Step Brothers (oh how I love that film!) and then I decided I should go home to get everything sorted out for Monday, which I can assure you, was extremely unexciting. 

So there you have it, it was lovely to spend a lot of time with Harry because I usually only get to see him once a week during term time and it was lovely to catch up with other people and just relax a bit. Sorry for the sheer rambling this post includes, if you've got this far, give yourself a massive pat on the back or reward yourself with looking at the beautiful pictures from the past week of my life!

Trying on the dress I bought for my birthday!

The sweetest card I received from my Mum's friend's son Oliver

Lou and me

Me and Harry

Peppa the puppy

Birthday dinner

Dinner cooked for Harry on Valentine's Day


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