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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

On My 17th Birthday

Yesterday was my 17th birthday, it was such a wonderful day. I've always been very lucky to have my birthday fall in the February half term so I usually always do something on my actual birthday seeing as I have the whole day off to do it. Unfortunately I had to wake up early for it though as I had my second driving lesson at 8 o'clock. It was definitely worth it though, although driving half terrifies me when I think about it I really enjoyed my lesson and think I'm much more relaxed when I'm actually doing it.

When I got home I opened my presents from my Mum and Gran. Mum got me a bracelet and The Great Gatsby dramatised cd. I'm pretty sure if people keep buying me Gatsby presents I will start to seem crazy - I now have the book, the dvd, a Gatsby poster and of course this cd version! My Gran gave me some money and a new top from Topshop which I love.

I started to get ready and my friend Lucy came round to help me and soon we were off to a family friend's house who were kind enough to let me use their house to have some friends round for a birthday dinner and games. We played Articulate and, as always, I may have gotten slightly over-competitive! It was so lovely to sit and laugh with the people I love most, I definitely need to do that more.

Soon it was time for dinner (which I don't actually have any pictures of), which was delicious lasagna, followed by more talking and laughing. My godmother had made my birthday cake, a banana cake, which was incredible; it was iced with my name and lots of little hearts.

Yesterday went in a flash but it was the most lovely day and reminded me of just how blessed I am to have such great people in my life, even the ones who couldn't be there because they were on holiday. I'm a lucky girl!


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