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Friday, 22 November 2013

On My Sunday (And A Bit Of Saturday)

I've had so much working lately (boo a levels) that I have been trying to spend one day of my weekend doing boring work and little things that need to be done and the other day doing something I really want to do with the odd exception which is pretty much every other weekend.  I went a little off course last Saturday though and ended up shopping with my mum and going swimming. I came home and did lots of work though so it doesn't really count, right?

Since I moved house and started my new school I get the bus to school instead of walking like I used to. Weirdly I've actually found that I really miss walking and it was a big part of the only exercise I did. So now that I literally just walk to the bus stop every day I've decided I probably should do a bit more than that so want to start swimming again, which I did.

Anyway, Sunday was the main part of my weekend so I'll stop rambling about Saturday now and talk about that. Harry came round and we were supposed to see The Butler, which looks amazing, but me being the muppet that I am I got the timings wrong and we ended up missing it and coming back slightly disappointed. It's ok though, we're going to see it this Sunday instead and I'm adamant that I WILL get the timings right this time.

Then one of my mum's best friends came round too with her new baby - I've known Thea since I was about three and she's the closest thing to a second mum I have so you can probably guess I was so excited to meet the baby - who is absolutely adorable. We played with her and poor Harry was stuck watching me, but especially my mum and gran, fuss over her, which is quite a strange sight I have no doubt. Harry had to shortly after that.

About an hour later my mum said she had to pop out to go and give something to a friend quickly, and me being the unsuspecting and trusting person that I am, thought nothing of it. When she came back she brought with her one of my best friends who used to live here but moved to Romania four years ago, Tudor. I'm not sure when the last time I mentioned him on here was but he was my closest friend for a very long time and because of the move I hadn't seen him in a year. I don't think I've ever been so surprised in my life. I genuinely stood in the doorway for about five minutes with my jaw open thinking 'what the hell is happening?!' and proceeded to take about half an hour to get over the confusion. I just always assumed Tudor would tell me the next time he's coming to London, we also had a plan to skype that evening so it never occurred to me for a second that he would be turning up on my doorstep.

But I guess life is full of surprises, and this was a great one. We talked for a couple of hours and caught up on everything which was wonderful. It's hard to keep a friendship strong when you live in different countries, and as great as skype is, it's not the same as talking face to face.

Just for your amusement and my embarrassment here is a picture of Tudor and I taken about five years ago in which we aren't even looking at the camera, make of it what you will:

So that was my Sunday, sorry for the belated weekend news, I hope you all had a lovely weekend too. 


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