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Saturday, 2 November 2013

My Half Term & Technology

So it's safe to say my two-week half term has pretty much come to a depressing end and on Monday I'll have to be woken up at a painful time of 6:30am just like the majority of everyone else in the country. But I suppose it's not all terrible; I've had a rather decent break. Here's what I got up to:

- went for a yummy dinner with lots of people in my year
- visited Reigate and had lunch and a catch up with Kate
- watched Finding Nemo and proceeded to cook fajitas with Harry
- worked at my dad's school (he works at a school for autistic children and I like to go in and help with primary classes when I can) for a couple of days
- did a lot of reading for philosophy
- watched High School Musical 3 with a couple of friends from my year no I am not ashamed
- visited my old school to see all my friends and teachers, this was a both nostalgic and lovely day
- had dinner at my dad's with him, his girlfriend and Harry
- went on a much-needed shopping trip to Oxford Street with my mum, as pictured below (excuse embarrassing mirror face)

- went to visit my god-family with my mum; my godmother's dad died a couple of weeks ago so it was lovely to go round and give her a hug
- made brownies with Lucy and stayed at hers to try and avoid the nasty St Jude storm 
- went for lunch with my favourites, one of which put up this picture of us from her birthday party

- spent a few days with Harry as pictured below

- cooked bacon and pea risotto for seven people, I might be slightly overly proud of myself for that one
- beat Harry at monopoly
- saw Mackinlay which was great, we talked about the past couple of months and discussed technology, which I'll come onto properly later
- watched Behind The Candelabra
- read A Clockwork Orange
- ate chocolate swiss roll and cream

- watched many YouTube videos
- came home to mum having bought me an advent calender, without me even having to prompt her to do so now that she suggests I am 'too old' which we all know is nonsense

So that's been my half term, it always goes stupidly fast and as you can guess I'm already anticipating the Christmas holidays although not the Christmas shopping - I always find it really difficult to know what to buy for everyone, is that just me?

Anyway, when I was at Mackinlay's the other day we got on to talking about technology. Now I admit I am at a very big risk of sounding like an OAP here - which you hopefully wouldn't expect given that I'm 16 years old, but we talked a lot about how technology has become such a significant part of our lives.

I mean as much as I love technology, I wouldn't be here typing if it wasn't so amazing, it's getting slightly ridiculous how dependent we are on it. Any spare second I have in which I'm not sure what to do, even for a second, I will automatically pick up my iPhone and start going on all my apps, checking the weather, anything I can do on it. And when I think about it, that's a bit weird. When I was at Mackinlay's I realised that simply if she left the room to go and get us a drink or something I would find myself on my phone doing something pointless.

It's just a bit odd and sometimes I really wish that I lived in the '50s or something, just to experience no mobiles, letter-writing and real games for entertainment. Wow, I really do sound old. I don't want this to come across as me not loving and appreciating technology because I truly do, and honestly don't know what I'd do without it. It was just very interesting for me to think about how dependent we are on it and how that is becoming increasingly more common by the second. Just food for thought.

I hope you've all had a lovely Halloween and October, I'm off now to go and see what's for dinner!

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