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Monday, 8 July 2013


A week ago on Friday I awoke to a typically gloomy, miserable English morning. This type of too-common-for-its-own-good British weather tends to put me in a terrible mood, not that I can complain at the moment, the weather for the past few days has more than made up for it. However, this form of weather is not ideal when it is your prom day.

I suppose it's a very American thing, the end-of-school prom. And in all honesty I wasn't looking forward to it all that much. Sure, I'd bought my dress, booked to get my make up professionally done at Benefit and everything else one stereotypically does in order to prepare for prom, but I wasn't expecting to actually enjoy the occasion. The weather on the morning of it confirmed this for me - that it could be alright, but it didn't make me think it would be an evening I would never forget.

In fact it was. Once the panic of getting ready was over, myself and my best friends met at Sean's for some photos. We were all a little nervous when we went to meet about 70 other people from our year to go to the hotel where our prom was taking place in an old double decker bus, but we weren't sure as to why. The bus journey was excellent if not a little bumpy. Following the journey we met the rest of our year and teachers outside the hotel and many more photos were taken.

The night involved a buffet, talking with everyone and teachers, more photos and some outrageously bad dancing. I never thought I would dance as badly as I did that night in public, I have no doubt I will be hiding from any videos of it for the rest of my life. But everyone was doing the same and in that moment I looked around and once again was in awe of the amazing people I have been privileged enough to have in my life for the past five years. It really was a wonderful evening. Dancing with everyone, a thousand photos and wonderful conversation; prom is not a night I believe I will ever forget.

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