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Monday, 17 June 2013

End of Exams

I'VE FINALLY FINISHED MY GCSE EXAMS. I cannot put into words how happy it makes me to be able to type those words in that specific combination. Now I just have to restrain myself from wondering whether I utterly fucked them up or did myself proud, I'll have to wait until 22nd of August to find out though. It is a slightly odd feeling, I feel as though I have been revising for the longest time - what with mocks in January and February, more mocks in April and the real things in May/June. So one would think I would feel an immense relief at the thought of no longer having to revise. Weirdly, I'm still getting used to it. I guess when you get so accustomed to something, even if it appears to be the most tedious thing in the world, it almost becomes a habit. And so now I feel as though I should still be revising. Which has no logic behind it whatsoever as I completed my last exam on Friday.

 Anyway, now I have about ten weeks ahead of me for myself. This is the longest holiday I have ever had, so  I am compiling a form of a summer bucket list to avoid wanting to flush myself down the toilet as a result of boredom. Hopefully it won't come to that. I think it's coming along nicely, when it's done I might share it on here but I want to think about it a little longer first. I also have my prom coming up, then I am moving house, which will be completely new for me so I guess there's not much chance of me being bored for too long.

On Friday evening, after my final exam, my form group with our form tutor, head of year, her daughter and our favourite RE teacher, met at Pizza Express for a form meal. I had a wonderful evening. It was so lovely to spend time with the people who have seen me grow the most over the past five years. Thinking back to year seven always leaves me in complete awe of how much we have all changed. We came to secondary school still as children, and we're leaving as almost adults. It doesn't necessarily sound like a significant change but it truly is and I cannot believe how far we've come.

It was one of those evenings where the laughter is contagious and doesn't seem to run out. They're the best ones, in my opinion. I had a massive grin on my face for the entire night, although at the age of sixteen I found I still haven't acquired the ability to cut a pizza single-handedly, oh well it's not the most important life skill I have been telling myself since! I just wanted to write a little about that today as I don't want to let myself forget how blessed I am to have these people in my life. The food was wonderful, the conversation was wonderful and, of course, the people were wonderful. It was a beautiful evening.


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