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Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Winslow Boy

Last Saturday Harry and I went to The Old Vic theatre in London to see The Winslow Boy by Terence Rattigan. I've previously seen The Browning Version and Cause Célèbre by Rattigan and they were both wonderful so I was really looking forward to it.

This is the description from The Old Vic website about The Winslow Boy: "Driven by a passionate belief in justice whatever the personal cost, Arthur Winslow sets out to prove his son's innocence when he is accused of theft. This moving story pits the rights of the individual against the will of the state. A fight for truth, played out under the media spotlight, tests one family to its very limit."

I have always been fascinated by the concept of law and justice, for a long time I was sure I wanted to be a barrister - I did a week's work experience at Lamb Chambers last year, thoroughly enjoying the entire week. For me there's a significant nobility in fighting for what you believe is right, to make sure justice is served, no matter the cost. Of course, life is rarely that simple. What with lawyers often having to fight cases they don't truly believe in and frequently for the wrong side, that idea I had is not as desirable as I used to think. 

However, in this play the idea I had about law and justice is what underlies the entire play. I was completely in awe of the barrister, played by Peter Sullivan, the character's methods and beliefs were at times humorous and admirable for the duration of the play and most of all, it reminded me why I highly commend the job barristers do. The father, Arthur Winslow, was an incredible character. His sheer determination to fight for his son inspired me. 

As I've written previously, I love the theatre for the way it never fails to make me think. It always challenges my perspective and I think that is important sometimes, to take a step back and realise the vastness of views on so many topics, the vastness of people. The acting was, once again, impeccable, I'm not much of a critic but I highly recommend going if you have the chance.  It was also indescribably lovely to get away from revision for a bit, doing something I love. I hope you're all having relaxing weekends, it was nice last week to be able to wear more Summery clothes last weekend, I'm depressed that the gloomy weather seems to be back - at least for now. 


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