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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

New Beginnings

I've been horrifyingly overloaded with work/revision/exams as of late, hence lots of absences from this space sadly. But I'm back tonight as I've taken some time off from revising history. A lot of pretty great stuff has happened after the past few weeks but I just wanted to write about one thing today. I had my last day at secondary school last week. I mean, we still have exams, prom and whatnot but we had our last official day. That reality still surprises me. However, I had the most wonderful last few days with incredible people that I have no doubt I won't be forgetting for a very long time.

It was even more so poignant for me as obviously I'm moving to London this Summer, which although is not far away from where I currently live at all, is still a particularly daunting thought. As I've written before, I'm still in two minds about the move, torn between knowing I'm going to experience completely new things and fiercely wanting things to stay the way they are. But I'm slowly learning that change is inevitable in life and even if I stayed exactly where I am something would change soon enough. And really the important things won't end just because I'm going to be forty minutes further away than usual.

Lots of people in my year group have bought books for others to write in, I loved the idea and so bought one myself. Reading people's messages to me has made me endlessly happy. I know that whenever I feel down about myself or am having a rough day I'll be able to read them and feel a little better.

I was also given a homemade personal bookmark by my English teacher. She has taught my class for three years now and is one of the most inspiring people I have the pleasure of knowing. Her belief in every individual in our class has helped immensely, she also has never-ending life lessons to impart on us which have always been of use to me even when I didn't expect they would.

Really I've had the most wonderful five years of my life. I've grown into myself more than I ever knew I would be able to, and I can't wait to do that some more. But most importantly I have met some of the most amazing people, both teachers and students, that have made my life filled with much more happiness than I thought possible. And I'd much rather be sad to leave because I have been blessed enough to experience this than desperate to leave as soon as possible because it had been the longest, horrible five years. I can't wait to spend more time with these people, and that's what is really important.



  1. What a lovely post :) You seem so mature and so much older than 16! My school years were the best too. I loved school and I wish I could go back! Like you said, although you're sad to see it end, at least you've experienced a brilliant five years!! x

    1. Exactly, I wouldn't have it any other way :) x


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