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Sunday, 24 March 2013

My Little Weekend

Last week was incredibly long for a number of reasons, mainly school related. I realised that my GCSE exams are not as far away as I was telling myself they were, my first one is on the 14th of May, too close for comfort in my opinion. I'm a little obsessed with everything being organised and just how I want it when it comes to revision, so realising that I had not yet begun to revise or organise myself in the slightest rendered me a little apprehensive. That plus extra homework, coursework and it being my time of the month made the week not all that enjoyable.

Luckily I had One Tree Hill, WH Smith stationary and a wonderful weekend I was looking forward to, which made it a little better, although I could not wait for the week to be over. On Friday I went to see The Script at the O2 Arena for their #3 tour. I have loved them for years and their music has helped me through some of the rougher times of my life (please excuse the cheesiness in this paragraph), so you can probably imagine how excited I was. It did not disappoint, they were absolutely flawless. I don't think there's anything in the world like the atmosphere of 20,000 people all singing the same song. I've always been fascinated by song lyrics, they are what music is all about for me and The Script have some of the most beautiful lyrics I've seen. Seeing them play the music live and singing along with thousands of people is an indescribable feeling. People coming together through music is a truly incredible thing to witness and be a part of. I was also really happy to discover that the majority of the songs they performed were from their old albums, so I got to hear their old stuff as well as their new songs.

Danny O'Donoghue is b e a u t i f u l.

Quick picture before the concert.

Then on Saturday, once I'd got over the initial shock that the bloody snow had decided to make another appearance IN MARCH, I did some work before going to Harry's in the evening. Fortunately the snow did not settle, so I was a little happier despite the freezing conditions. I spent the night at Harry's and it is safe to say we had the laziest Saturday evening and Sunday I've had in a long time. It was fantastic. We watched Moulin Rouge, which I hadn't seen before and really enjoyed. We also watched King Kong, which Harry claims I do not understand the story of (I do). I think after this week and knowing the revision I am going to have to begin in the Easter holidays this weekend was exactly what I needed. Not to mention the ketchup and bacon sandwich I had this morning. Relaxing is the best medicine for tiring weeks. It's a shame I have three more days of school, oh well, I'll rattle on.

Excitement at being in my onesie.

Sleepy Harry.


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