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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Month 03

First of all happy Easter everyone, I hope you've all had a lovely day! It's a disappointing moment when you have to ask your mum to buy you an Easter egg as she deems you too old for one, and then, after lots of nagging she comes home with a One Direction Easter egg, not exactly what I was hoping for - oh well, chocolate is chocolate. 

I'm currently a few days into my Easter holidays, and they've started quite wonderfully. Sadly I have had to start some revision but I've managed to fill most of my evenings with doing more exciting things in an attempt to make it more bearable and I kindly gave myself the weekend off as I'm exhausted from this term. I'm going to my sister's on Tuesday for three nights (she lives in Yorkshire), so hopefully that will be a nice break and I always love to spend time with her and my niece and nephews so just going to try and get a lot of revision in tomorrow before I go. 

Anyway in March I...

Read: I finished Emma by Jane Austen. It took me a lot longer than I intended to finish it, however I really enjoyed it. I won't deny that it took me a while to get into but the ending was truly lovely and I would love to see the film. I've just started Atonement by Ian McEwan, my mum bought me the film about a year ago but I wanted to read the book first and have been happily surprised by this decision. I'm only a few chapters in but I am loving it, McEwan has somehow managed to perfectly capture the spirit of a 13-year-old girl, which sounds odd but is so interesting to read. I can't wait to read on, I predict that next month I'll have a lot to say about this book.

 Watched for the first time: The Perks Of Being A Wallflower - I read this incredible book about a year ago and have hugely anticipated watching the film ever since, and it did not disappoint. I would really recommend this film, it's one of those films that has a really important message, one that is not often spoken widely about. I think the reason it is so well done and so true to the book is that it was written and directed by Stephen Chbosky (the author of the book). Salmon Fishing In The Yemen - Another film which I read the book of first, the film was very different, nonetheless I thoroughly enjoyed it and the ideas it explores. Moulin Rouge - I am told that this is a 'love it or hate it' kind of film. Luckily I loved it, and can now finally say I've seen it. King Kong - watched this with Harry, who argues that I do not understand the ending as I said the girl was clearly in love with the gorilla, I'm just saying, it could happen. In all seriousness, I enjoyed this film as well and found it more interesting than I was expecting to. The Usual Suspects - Also watched this with Harry, he told me to trust him on it and I'm glad I did, it was great. 

Bought (music on my iPod): The Script by The Script - after listening to it for years and seeing them live this month I finally ordered it and put it on my iPod, it's exceptional. 

Bought (clothes): A Forever 21 peplum top and a new bralet from Topshop.

At school: I found out I got an A* in my French reading and listening exam, meaning I don't have to retake in May and am ecstatic about. We got our reports and my form got treated to Domino's pizza because our head of year thought we had the best reports, I'm not complaining! I also found out that I got an A* in my history coursework, over the moon as I also got an A* in my history module last June so if I can do the same in my last history exam I'm headed for an A* overall. Finally I finished my child development coursework, it is forty pages long, took me six months to complete, I'm really hoping I did well. 

Out of school: Went to a Justin Bieber concert. Saw my boyfriend in his school production of Daisy Pulls It Off, which was excellent. Found out I got a full bursary offer to a very good school, that I'm unsure of whether to accept. Went to see The Script. Got irritated by bad manners. Also by the fact that there was snow IN MARCH. Had a much needed girly evening where we spent £45 on Indian takeaway and talked non-stop for five hours. Started revision for my GCSE exams. 

So that was March, if I don't blog tomorrow I'll try and blog next weekend as I won't get a chance to at my sister's. 


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