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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My 16th Birthday

It's a couple of days after my birthday but I have since been sorting through photos, making collages and outing to the cinema and Nando's with my friend Mackinlay. I truly had the most wonderful day. It began with my Mum coming in to my room and waking me up (the only day of the year on which this action is acceptable with the exception of Christmas) to wish me a happy birthday. Then I went and opened my presents and cards from her and my Gran. Mum bought me a spa day in London with her on Saturday which I cannot wait for and my Gran was kind enough to give me some money and a beautiful card.

When I was ready my friends and boyfriend arrived and I opened their cards and presents - Cluedo from Harry, best game ever - and we proceeded to go to the station to get the train to London. Once we got to London Victoria we went to M&S and continued to buy almost the entirety of the shop for our lunch. We got the tube to Hyde Park Corner where we sat on the grass and had a picnic. I was incredibly lucky with the weather, after all these gloomy months we had a beautifully sunny day for my birthday. This was when the majority of my birthday photos were taken as the setting and weather were perfect, as you can see we passed a lot of time laughing and posing for photos there.

The piggy back on front and back of Rosie took a lot longer than expected to orchestrate.

We then used the Barclay's Boris Bikes and rode around the cycle paths in Hyde Park, it was found that I am increasingly slow when cycling, much to the others' disappointment. I suppose I can't really explain myself - I just feel safer going slowly! However, it was beautiful to look around the park from a bike, even if someone had to babysit ride with me at the back.

After this we took the tube to Covent Garden to visit Creme de la Crepe, I am sure I have mentioned my love for this creperie before but if you've forgotten you can see it again here. By this time we were all rather exhausted so caught the train home and came to my house for cake. My Mum ordered a specially designed cake for me from a wonderful Italian cafe in Putney, which was delicious. Everyone sang happy birthday and I progressed to spend the next 10 minutes contemplating how to cut into such an enormous cake. 

Anyone who knows me well is aware of my love and competitiveness when it comes to board games, hence why on most occasions everyone refuse to play with me, rude I know ;) Despite this, they selflessly agreed to play Cluedo with me on my birthday. And so we did. I had forgotten how much I love Cluedo - I used to play it with my Dad and sisters all the time. Unfortunately I did not win, but I didn't mind, I had had the best day I could possibly wish for. My birthday was filled with laughing, hugging, smiling, eating and talking. It's the best one I've had for years. I can't explain how lucky I feel to have all these wonderful people in my life, they made it great. So, 16 years old and currently loving life, I don't believe it gets much better.



  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday :) and have some truly lovely people in your life. Hold onto them tight <3 x

    1. I did thank you, and I'll try my very best :) xx


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