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Monday, 28 January 2013

snow and other things

So mocks are finally over, thank goodness, it means I can finally stuff my face with food and do absolutely nothing all day long relax a little. I've even been lucky enough to get some fairly wonderful results, let's hope I can do the same in the real thing. I'm aspiring to be around these parts much more often now that I have a little more time, and I've got a few ideas for some posts so just watch this space.

First off I must mention the beautiful snow that we were gifted with nearly two weeks ago now, meaning my maths mock was thankfully cancelled until a week later. At first I wasn't all that sure that the snow was anything more than an inconvenience. However, after a weekend of snowball fights, sledging and movies I was soon persuaded that this snow was exactly what my gloomy January needed. I hate to become complacent with the stereotypical attitude towards January, but if I'm being perfectly honest it will be a relief for me once it's over.

Here are some pictures (courtesy of my friend Rosie) of the snow and evidence of my balance deficiency, which many of you will already know of, I'm sure.

Lack of balance also results in my logic telling me when walking down a slippery hill, that the most appropriate solution to not falling is grabbing an unsuspecting friend's scarf, poor girl.

It also means you fall over, and said friends take pictures.

They also finally help you up.

It was truly beautiful. On the Friday of the snow we had a surprise party for one of my friend's birthdays, it was a wonderful night, here's the group picture:

We were incredibly loud as I'm sure you can imagine, with laughter and singing in surprisingly great supply. The next day my boyfriend taught me how to rugby tackle, when trying to push people over in the snow failed, useful life skill I admit. I went sledging with some of my friends on the Sunday, which was hilarious although I was absolutely exhausted by the end of it. So that was my snow weekend, I quite want another one now. Next time it would be better if we could get some more school off though, that part was slightly disappointing. 


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