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Tuesday, 1 January 2013


I want to begin by writing about my Christmas, as I haven't yet had the opportunity to do that. I had the most wonderful day, which began with me and my Dad driving up to Yorkshire to my sister's. When we got there everyone opened their presents, I got lots of money, clothes, chocolate and best of all Taylor Swift's album Red Deluxe Edition and Ellie Goulding's new album Halcyon. They are both incredible, do not deny me of that. I proceeded to play with my niece and nephews and their new toys.. I really am cool aunty Anna.

Of course in Hartley tradition, Christmas dinner was the main part of the day, and did not disappoint in being absolutely delicious. I even managed to steal three pigs-in-blankets compared to everyone else's measly one each. I was extremely proud. Later on, after lots of watching Christmas tv and playing with toys we decided to play Trivial Pursuit. We've never played it before and I think I now know why. It was an embarrassment how bad I was at it (we all were!), I found the questions so difficult! However, surprisingly I was not the worst and proudly came second to last at the end of it! I had a really lovely time in Yorkshire, spending time with the kids and my sister is always great.

Soon after I got back I developed a Stye infection in my eye. I've still got it now and believe me, it's nasty. It's very painful and I can't wear my beloved contact lenses because I'm treating it with an ointment my doctor prescribed. However I decided I wasn't going to let it affect my New Year's Eve. I spent it at my boyfriend's and I really had the best night, he's incredibly good to me, even if he does call me short arse on occasion. I always find this time of year very strange, I never know what to expect from it. While it feels like a new beginning, it also feels exactly the same as yesterday to me. So I suppose a New Year and its affect depends completely on how you perceive it.

My Mum was asking me yesterday if I had any new years resolutions, and usually I'm known to be quite eager to start the year with some goals. But 2012 has definitely been the year I've grown the most, and it's made me realise that as I've learnt more and more about myself, I've been learning how to improve myself and be more aware of what I need. So really I just want to continue doing that. Because at the end of the day, what can you do that's more important than understanding yourself? So that's my ethos for this year. Apart from working hard for my exams in the Summer and having as wonderful a time as possible, of course.

2012 consisted of: having my heart broken and slowly putting it back together, going on a French exchange straight after which brought challenges of its own, a brutally difficult 15th birthday, my first ever formal exam, some wonderful exam results, going on holiday with my sister without my dad, getting to know little Edwin very well, getting really close with Cait (that sister) for the first time, many hilarious occasions with my best friends, an unexpected holiday to Romania when a friend was in need, the start of year 11 (which meant a hell of a lot of work), and meeting Harry who makes me smile very much.

Not bad for one year, I think. Ok 2013, bring it on.

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